Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa

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Discover the Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa, which was once the quaint seaside home of Henry and Julie Corson.

Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa was constructed during the international conflict of 1939 to 1945, where the Allies fought to stop the global conquests of the Axis powers.

This amazing holiday destination originally began as a quaint family estate for Henry Corson and his wife, Julie. A rubber magnate from Ohio, Henry chose the location in order to help Julie heal from tuberculosis. Corson was allured by the rumors that Cape Breton’s unspoiled air could do wonders to help cure the sickly. Many of Julie’s doctor’s supported the claim, who ordered the couple to settle near the seaside for its refreshing sea breeze. The Nova Scotian government eventually purchased the site many years later from the Corson family. In an attempt to bolster the region’s nascent tourism industry, the local politicians decided to use the Corson estate as the basis of a luxurious vacation retreat. Given the rich Scottish and Celtic heritage of the area, the location was renamed “The Keltic Lodge.”

Despite many shortages and lengthy construction, The Keltic Lodge opened its doors to guests in 1940 under the watchful eye of Josephine Davidson. The resort would remain open for two seasons, but would be forced to close in 1942 due to the heightening tensions of the Second World War. The Keltic Lodge fortunately reopened in 1946 with Frank Whelpley at the helm. Whelpley subsequently added a new dining room as well as several new outstanding cabins. Today, the Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa is among the best places to visit in all of Nova Scotia. This spectacular resort is just moments away from the world-famous Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada, as well as the historic Highlands Links Golf Course.

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