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As the story goes, John Gordon, the previous owner of the homestead, died in his bedroom. He was extremely attached to the land that he and his ancestors had farmed for many years. During the renovation of the farmhouse in 1984, several strange occurrences took place, especially in the area that involved John Gordon’s old bedroom. Numerous, unexplainable experiences occurred, such as freshly plastered wallpaper being found mysteriously on the floor. Other problems involved the emergence of constant electrical shortages in the wiring room, and building materials left strewn about the construction site. The mess often confused the workers, who had recorded cleaning up the objects before departing for the day. There were even reports candlelight was seen glowing in the upstairs window on a regular basis. Over time, many began to suspect that John Gordon’s spirit was the culprit for all the mishaps and strange occurrences. Many suspected that Gordon’s began to become more active once the restaurant opened in 1985. Staff reported bizarre encounters with Gordon, such as night managers finding the kitchen left wide open and hallway lights oddly flickering. Doors would also reopen mere minutes after having been locked, too! One specific manager recalled an incident in which they were hanging artwork in the Gordon Room and The Beam Room one cold Saturday afternoon during the winter. When they had returned to their office, a waiter arrived and asked why all the windows had been opened in those two spaces. Shocked, the manager indicated that they had not even touched the windows. Schedules from the day also revealed that no one else was requested to enter that part of the facility, either. Both the manager and waiter turned to each other and suggested that the only culprit had to be John Gordon’s meddlesome ghost!

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