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2021 Historic Hotels Worldwide Awards of Excellence Nominee Finalist
The history of the Amerikalinjen dates back to the early 20th century, when the building served as the headquarters for the Den Norske Amerikalinje (Norwegian American Line). Founded in 1910, the Den Norske Amerikalinje operated as both a cruise line and a freight company that transported mail, cargo, and people from Norway to America. Den Norske Amerikalinje specifically ferried countless Norwegian immigrants to the United States who were in search of new opportunities. Due to its success, the company began looking for a location in the heart of Oslo to build a central headquarters. Den Norske Amerikalinje selected a site near the city’s harbor, and developed a beautiful, multi-storied building at the spot shortly thereafter. By 1919, the building, named the Amerikalinjen, was complete. Amerikalinjen is now a prominent boutique hotel nestled along Oslo’s majestic shoreline. Amerikalinjen is situated in one of the most vibrant and artistic areas in Oslo, with the surrounding neighborhoods replete with countless cultural destinations to visit. Near the Opera House and the Central Station, this architectural landmark is both a place for tranquility and adventure. Guests can step just beyond the hotel’s front doors to access the city’s many shopping centers, dining establishments, and entertainment venues that line its main thoroughfare, Karl Johans gate. From the Amerikalinjen, guests can journey down to the Aker Brygge for a fjord cruise or a deep-sea fishing charter. Many additional attractions surround the building, such as the Ekebergparken and the Astrup Fearnley Museet. Spectacular historical buildings that are centuries old, like the Royal Castle and the Akershus Fortress, define the city’s landscape near the hotel. Nearby transportation centers also make outlying destinations very accessible, with the Vikingskipshuset, the Well, and the Norwegian Outlet Oslo all being within driving distance from Amerikalinjen.

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Discover the heritage and history of this luxurious hotel set in the heart of Oslo, Norway.


Location Map

Explore Akershus Fortress, the Oslo Domkirke, and the Royal Palace just minutes away.


Discover the brilliant Neoclassical architecture of the Amerikalinjen.


Explore the Akerhus Fortress (Akerhus Festning) along the shoreline of Oslo harbor.


Experience a night of superb music at the hotel's Gustav Jazz Bar.


Taste Fårikål, which is Norway’s official national dish.

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