Edgbaston Park Hotel & Conference Centre

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Discover the Edgbaston Park Hotel & Conference Centre, which has a historic heritage that dates back to medieval England.

Edgbaston Park Hotel & Conference Centre was constructed amid the intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated Europe in the 18th century.

Edgbaston Park Hotel & Conference Centre has humble beginnings as a mediaeval manor house. It was built within a moat and burned down in its entirety due to the Revolution of 1688. King James II was overthrown by his nephew and daughter, King William and Queen Mary, to ensure a constitutional monarchy in which Parliament held the majority of political power. The war was a bloodless one, but the original structure was burned down in a riot. It was rebuilt by 1718, with its grounds being manicured by Lancelot Capability Brown.

Edgbaston Park Hotel & Conference Centre now stands adjacent to the campus of the University of Birmingham in a conservation area. Opened in September 2018, the hotel and conference center is a sophisticated, tranquil meeting place and accommodations. Alongside the Edgbaston Park Hotel is the refurbished historic Garth House, which opened in 1900, as well as the red-brick historic Hornton Grange, built in 1928. These three buildings create a unique lot for intimate meetings to all out celebrations and conferences.

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